Frozen Yogurt at the San Diego Democratic Convention with Antonio Villaraigosa

Dynamic and friendly, Antonio Villaraigosa, Candidate for Governor 2018 and former Mayor of Los Angeles, CA

It was very exciting as a Region 4 Delegate and New Candidate for State Assembly,  to meet the former Mayor of Los Angeles and a current Candidate for Governor of the State of California.  Being down to earth, he bought us some yogurt at his fun event during the San Diego Democratic Convention February  23-25, 2018.

He was very friendly and offered to take our picture and said he would come to the central valley and further north in the state.   He gave us a handshake, some good ideas for the campaign and a smile.  Consequently, I hope to plan events with local groups very soon and hold him to his word to visit us.  Can’t wait to cook up something fun!  We are stronger by our diversity, healthcare, education, a strong economy and environment that works for everyone and he definitely knows this too!  Indivisible  ~ Si Se Puede

Villaraigosa Endorsed by United Farm Workers for California Governor


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