A More Perfect Union!

I think to address incivility in America, we (citizens, political and business leaders and the media) need to call it out and speak against it promptly and directly.   We should remember to advocate for a broader world view of equality among all of us (the “diverse” all of us), that we are free people with rights that we will never relinquish easily.  As Democrats in California, we have become a tireless and unassailable bulwark of resistance against any and all attempts by the Trump administration and the hijacked Republican Party to dismantle or rollback our rights and democracy thanks to our Party’s platform and our American values rooted in equality for all and the nation’s founding documents.

At times, incivility threatens our sense of the rule of law and a decent sense of common good with respect for our fellow humans.   This makes us feel, quite correctly, as a majority of Americans do, that democracy (civil society of the people) hangs in the balance and is clearly threatened by economic neoliberalism, racism and fascism.

Democracy requires the people’s participation, whether a little or a lot, and we cannot just sit forever on the sidelines, watching and remaining silent, in the face of bullies, corruption and injustice.  We need to learn to have discourse with facts in hand, with reliable, credible details, in order to disagree more civilly with attacks against ideas or opinions; not attacking the person.  Peaceful protest and dissent are important in our democracy and in our laws to allow for our diversity of freedom of speech and checks and balance.

Our children are watching and the next generation is counting on us to be civil and to rise up to protect our humanity and our country against the special interests of crisis capitalism, corruption and exploitation.  I believe all of our children are our future, and we need to come together to pay-it-forward for their success, pursuit of happiness and dreams.

This requires a much greater tolerance and respect for our differences, as we strive for fair equality and equity that is the true historical legacy of our nation.