Journal of Contributions

My donations have come from Small and Assembly District 5 folks who have provided donations.  This is a work in progress on the campaign trail-I have taken zero corporate or special interest donations and this is my aim.  With 6 months left, lots can happen, so check back and find my campaign small donors, if you are so curious,  on the Secretary of State’s website of my committee public records at Carla J Neal for Assembly, FPPC #1400791.

My campaign contributions have come from small individual donors and my campaign supporting unions, because I support the middle class, lifting people from poverty, good jobs and am a member of a great union as a educator.   But, I have not taken any Corporate campaign contributions to date.  5/22/18

Because I support renewable energy STRONGLY, I am not opposed to certain endorsements or donations from business organizations and I am pro-business, even as I support the public and common good of a social democracy as related to a fair tax system of a democratic republic.

I received a donation from The California Nurses Association of $1000.00 and my campaign purchased the NGP Van system, for $1500.

Please make a small donation of $20.18 or more to my ACTBLUE link on this website home page now so that we can show the Super Pacs and Dark Money special interests that we the people, elect our government and support candidates that are transparent because they represent us and work for the people.

*This is a journal page and will include dates and meetings with organizations or groups that I meet with and may or may not receive donations from and if so the amount and if any agreements were made. ( none to record but will keep you posted if things change)