Thank you for your Votes and your support!

Dear Assembly District 5 voters, friends and supporters,

Thank you for the over 66,419 votes ( 40% of the vote) to this day ( for updates see ( , that have been counted in my favor, thanks to you, so, that we could possibly work together to have nice things in our district such as a publically funded-single payer healthcare system for every Californian, safe roadway and bridge infrastructure, a cleaner energy economy in the face of climate change and good jobs, such as much more needed CA Fire and good jobs from unions, the public and private sectors and of course world-class education and rural broadband as just a few of my main platform goals.

Unfortunately, I am not winning this seat, this election, but the blue wave has flipped many seats.  We have won many races in our rural areas of which I am so proud and  issues where we did win.  I am overjoyed and happy to see so much progress.

Congratulations, to Frank Bigelow and I hope that he will do more by the people and stop taking money from groups like the NRA, tobacco and polluting companies who just want government to look the other way and privatize our resources, so they can do whatever they want to our communities, while we the people bear all risk and costs with poverty, gun violence, homelessness,  a gig economy of low paying jobs, expensive housing, fire risks, inequality of wages, air pollution, extreme drought and fires, xenophobia, racism, austerity of budget cuts to schools or programs in rural areas where the GOP remains in majorities and and all the wealth going to the top 2% instead of the many of us.  When will wealth be for the many and not the few elite billionaires?  

I continue to be a voice for people , for economic, social and environmental justice.  I am so happy to have met many of you and to have run for you and with your blessing and support.    I believe at this time, I will run again in 2020 for this seat, as I have learned much and believe we will win this District if we keep trying. 

I will be reflecting on where improvements can be made and I will be reaching out to you and the many wonderful communities of our district.  Please do not give up hope on Democracy as I think together, we saved it, and have strengthened our state as a bulwark of checks and balances so needed.  We must keep going and so everyday I am with you and fighting for peace and a good life for each of us.   Onward to victory and in love, in life as we carry on.

Very Truly Yours,

Carla J Neal

Thank you in advance Voters of Assembly District 5 for your Support!

Dear Voter,

Thank you for the most important act you can give to our democracy at this time…your Vote!  I hope that you cast your votes up and down the ballot for the most progressive democrats and may the best win!  Together we are the blue wave!

Orange, pink, black, green, brown, red, purple or blue -A ROY G BIV Wave is coming and we the people decide our future.


Change is possible for Assembly District 5 with your votes

Carla Jean Neal is the 3rd woman to run for State Assembly District 5 since 1932.

(12 men and 2 women have served since 1932)


Carla is an Adjunct Community College Instructor and operates a Mobile Notary Public Business.  She has degrees from Vermont Law School, San Jose State and Fresno State. She has lived in her home in Madera Ranchos since 1991, where she raised her wonderful college age daughter.  She is a tireless advocate for economic, social and environmental justice, democracy and peace.

As a grassroots leader, Carla is determined to make California and the planet better. 

She advocates for:

  1. Healthcare for All
  2. Quality Education for All
  3. A Stable, Sustainable and Strong Economy with Opportunity for All
  4. A Healthy Environment, including clean air, water and soil for ALL
  5. Healthy Communities and Affordable Housing
  6. Working Family Jobs, Main Street Business and Unions
  7. Fair Treatment of Immigrants
  8. Net Neutrality and Broadband in Rural Areas
  9. Tax Fairness and Justice
  10. Respect for our Diversity
  11. Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use
  12. Democracy, Equality, Human Rights and Voting Rights
  13. Protection of our Public Lands for Today and Tomorrow
  14. Combating Climate Change with Commonwealth Solutions
  15. Common sense Gun Safety and efforts to end Gun Violence for safer communities and public places.


California Young Democrats

California Nurses Association

California Federation of Teachers

Rainbow Chamber of Commerce


National Women’s Political Caucus

California Democratic Party

Healthcare for All

Progressive Democrats of America-CA – PDA-CA

California Parks and Recreation Society

Free Thought Equity Fund

US Post Office

Flip It Tour

Cresting Blue Wave Flip It Tour

Event Gatherings with Carla J Neal for Assembly

The Blue Wave of Change is coming to flip it, our government, to democracy of the people and not fascism.

 A Better California is on the horizon. While smoky skies and hotter days and nights are the new norm, Californians are clear as Lake Tahoe is blue, green as a meadow, yellow as the sun, natural as the rising tide…and when all the people rise up, vote and join together we will flip our districts to make California golden as ever before!  

Flip It Tour Schedule

September 21, 2018, Friday – Blue Wave Kick-Off  9:00 AM-11:00 AM: Campaign Office Headquarters– Open House & Light Pastry & Morning Refreshments and Fall Equinox Community Gathering address: 36914 Avenue 12, Madera CA  93636,Suite 12

September 21, 2018, Friday – Blue Wave Mariposa Stops- 2:00-4:00

TENTATIVE-TBD September 21, 2018, Friday 6-9PM – Evening Deserts and Ice Cream Social – Blue Wave Tour- Social and afterwards Phone banking at Tuolumne County Democratic Headquarters-TBD

September 22, 2018, Saturday – 11:00AM-2:00PM Grassroots Picnic at the famous Avery Hotel, in Calaveras County with music by Song Posse and Carla J Neal, Heal our District Speech, Free Food and Drinks, address: 4573 Moran Road, Avery, CA  95224

September 22, 2018, Saturday- Amador Blue Wave Tour Stops 5:00- 8:00 PM

September 23, 2018, Sunday– Auburn Area Democratic Club 15th Fundraiser Gala, Catch the Blue Wave @ General Gomez Arts and Events Center 2:00 pm-5:00 pm, Placer County

September 23, 2018, SundayBlue Wave Office Open House and Community Gathering, 9:00-noon, El Dorado democratic Central Committee Headquarters, Light Pastry, Morning Coffee, Fruit and Drink Refreshments

September 23, 2018, Sunday 3:00-6:00 PM,  El Dorado County, Canal and Water Walk Tour

September 24, 2018, Monday- Poor Reds Bar B-Q, 6-9PM, 6221 Pleasant Valley Road, El Dorado, CA  95623— Postcard Enthusiasm, Bring Postcards, Carla will bring postcards too, optional bring stamps to donate (50 or 100=$17.50 or $35.00 of stamps, pens and appetizers are provided.  Let’s get er done!  Meals and drinks are paid for separately by individuals.  30 seats available.  Free event, except for your meal/drinks and or stamp donations.

September 29, 2018, Old Timers Day Parade, Madera, CA 10:00-Noon, Downtown Madera, CA, Madera Downtown Association and the Madera Chamber of Commerce

October 6, 2018, Saturday Oakhurst Social, Ahwahnee, CA, Madera County at Sierra Meadows, 46516 Opah Drive, Ahwahnee, CA  93601  3:30-5:00 PM

October 6, 2018 National Women’s Political Caucus Event, Fresno, CA 5:30-7:00PM

TBD—October 7, 2018 Blue Wave Mono County Tour Stops– Apple, Cherry and Berry Pie Tour Stop, Phonebank, Postcards and Party  details TBD

Please join Carla and attend an event or join team Carla online and on social media.   All are welcome! 

Tender and Competent Care on the Way

As your Assemblywoman, I will listen to you and work to represent your interests and not the corporate interests or special interests.  We have the people and my opponent has all the special interests and corporate profits which have bought his office these last six years….and it’s time to put your interests and concerns ahead of big money billionaires and your votes can do just that in 2018!  Flip it Blue and Catch the Big Blue Wave with me!  Aloha!

We the People and all Creatures Great and Small

There are steps we can take to act on Climate Change!

Reducing our Carbon Pollution footprint

Even as we may feel sad at loss of life, property and lands we love, helpless at times with the loss of our firefighting heros, grateful that our civil service folks are trying to help, discouraged and physically overwhelmed by toxic air or whatever we may feel is okay!  Not only do we need science, we need our hearts and minds fully engaged.

I want you to know that there things we can do now, as we push through our fears, in the face of climate change, as we make it through crisis times together and press on.  The next decade is important on Climate Change in California and everywhere on earth.  One main reason I am running is so that I can help with effective legislation to reduce our carbon pollution outputs that at current levels are warming our earth with higher temperatures night and day worldwide.

Personally, many of us have a chance everday to make a positive difference and many of us have done so….This is a reminder that we are not helpless….information is from a study in Sweden.

A “hothouse earth” is not our destiny when we work together to make things better as individuals, and groups of mosques & churches, businesses, schools and our local, state and federal government works for all.  “To prevent a hothouse Earth, they say, we need “a coordinated, deliberate effort by human societies to manage our relationship with the rest of the Earth System.”

We can do this together and California can help lead the way with everyone of us, our votes, our actions, our caring for each other.  We must do this before the interests of the oil industry,  polluting corporations, and their lobbyists who buy career politicians, then let us down by doing nothing to act on climate to help the situation.

Hope and Love are stronger than fear….and we shall overcome.  Progress is on the ballot and in our everyday steps.  Let’s go!

Legislatively, if elected, I will work to set higher emissions standards for automobiles and other sources.  I will work to reduce air pollution emissions and to set guidelines to systematically reduce fossil fuel usage to address climate change and bring down carbon emissions in the atmosphere to safe levels by banning fracking (including current wells), placing a moratorium on offshore drilling,  and adding no additional pipelines.  We need to make sure train cars and railways carrying fossil fuels and other hazardous fuels/gases and chemicals that come into and out of our state are regulated for safety and/or banned in every community, city, county and area in California.  I  will work to keep renewable energy in our CA grid and for export to other states.  I will work for environmental and climate justice for all.  I will listen to you.

I drive an Hybrid electric car and get over 62 mile per gallon on average as I drive throughout assembly district 5.  It took me 8 years, but I have solar panels on my home.  As your assemblywoman, I will want to encourage and incentivize more electric vehicles, rebates, grants, incentives for solar and wind technologies as well as clean technologies to reduce air, water and soil pollution, including criteria pollutants, volatile  organic compounds (VOCS), particulate matter 2.5 & 10 and ozone and carbon pollutants including methane.

I want to help California lead in the legislature in the Paris Climate Treaty of 2015, of which California is in agreement.  As a climate reality leader, I hope to really help make a difference for all the people in California, the United States and on the planet towards a sustainable future for our children.  REcently, I am very impressed with a solar/wind project at Hoover Dam where energy storage is possible using renewables to help us meet peak demand on our grid.  I think adding renewables to our current dam infrastructure and dredging out dams for more storage in addition to dam safety is very promising.  Please see the article on Hoover Dam.