Jobs through a Strong Economy and Healthy Environment

Strong Economy and Environment

I stand with working people, for good jobs, affordable health care and quality public education and believe in a healthy environment and protections for clean air, soil and water with wildlife and wild places like our national parks and open spaces.

I will work to be a steady mover to alleviate poverty, strengthen the middle class, ensure tax fairness for all and bring good jobs, and union jobs from the public sector, main street businesses and non-profit sectors.   I will strive to bring good middle class jobs that provide equal access to economic opportunity. The type of jobs we need are broad, often specialized including: main street businesses,  a diverse cleaner energy economy including high speed rail, the tech industry and clean tech, that is made possible by quality public education and apprenticeship,  medicine that is affordable and accessible with health care for all, more sustainable valley and foothill agriculture, healthy forest management, clean water and air, infrastructure repair and economic development from expanding broadband to safer roads and affordable housing and very importantly to the region, the arts, camping, hiking, tourism and hospitality.

What was lost in the recession of 2008 has not been recovered for many in our district, nor will it be with the new Tax Bill, so Californians should continue to lead the nation in innovation, economic strength, good jobs, diversity, civil engagement and PreK-12 and higher education.  I will work for you to bring greater care, transparency, equity, jobs and environmental and social justice for all.   I believe there is no freedom when only the few prosper!

On the Environment, which is very connected to our local economies in Assembly District 5 and the rest of the state and nation, I will protect our public lands including our State, Local and Federal Parks, Wilderness, Monuments and Lands to help combat Climate Change.  As we experience, drought, heavy storm damages, existing water infrastructure and dam safety repairs, and public groundwater recharge, I will work to maximize protection of people, our homes and communities.

Water is a human right and I will protect this right of everyone in our state constitution.  I will work to ensure residential and community fire safety, managed fire burns, investment in fire breaks, adequate fire and forest personnel and experts that keep our forests healthy as possible and our water clean.   I will work to foster, preserve, and protect our land, forests, watershed, and ecosystems with best scientific practices.  I will work with local people, scientists and legal experts to do so.   I believe in a Sensible Sustainability Management Plan that will work for the greatest good, not determined by industry or profits of exploitation, but for the people, our posterity and a healthy and stable economy and environment that will last.

We must stop the downward spiral to the bottom economy of greater poverty and austerity, where people are fighting due to government real or perceived neglect and/or economic benefit crumbs, against each other, and against our common good creating chaos and distrust.  We all go down when taxes and the economy only works for the rich and there’s a hole on one side of the boat or town or state.  So, to persevere, a rising tide of the people lifts all boats and we too must rise up.  I need your vote, so I can help you.  What do you, your family or your community need?

Let’s work together for a better California!