Affordable Housing and Ending homelessness

  • Build Sustainable & Affordable and Low-Income Housing  as well as create Rent Controls in areas with unreasonably high rents.  Regular housing development should undergo extensive involvement of local people and accountability to our environmental and civil laws.  Sprawl type development should  be reduced and/or stopped.


  • California has an affordable housing shortage and so as a start to fix this problem, Governor Brown and the legislature passed a robust package of affordable housing laws aimed at providing affordable housing where it is needed most and shelter for homeless people.  There will be a need for further legislation and I would like to see more sustainable (National Green Building Standards) homes, with more efficiency and solar energy on multi-family and low-income residences, built in our district.


  • We also need more community shelters such as boarding homes or low income public housing and/or habitat for humanity type community homes for homeless, low income and/or for people with disabilities that includes comprehensive healthcare including mental health programs.  We need Housing First policies to end homelessness in California.


  • I would like to support rent control legislation by amending or repealing Costa-Hawkins.  We also need to make it easier and affordable with lower interest loans to make it much easier for homeowners/businesses to repair and maintain their existing homes and property, in established yet aging communities.  We need to encourage infill but not allow it to result in gentrification and stop or reduce sprawl into the suburbs.  We also need to incentivize jobs close to where people live and add additional or at least maintain public transportation in our cities and rural communities to reduce vehicle miles traveled, energy costs and pollution.