Q&A from People and the Media in AD 5

  1. Question:  Fracking pollutes groundwater.  What will you do?  My Answer:  I would like to pass a statewide ban on fracking, including present and future wells.  I signed my name at the environmental caucus that I will not take any campaign donations from Oil Companies.  
  2. Question: State Bank-Could it charter credit unions for pot farmers?  My Answer:  Legitimate pot farmers with a legally permitted business, should be welcomed into the  banking system and certainly a state bank may have to help show the way due to the Federal Laws on marijuana which have not advanced with many states new laws and voter approved mandates.  I would like to help regulate the marijuana industry (like alcohol) for success and safety in our communities rather than have it be an underground market and part of the private prison revenue system.
  3. Question:  We are having a hard time getting home insurance in this area because of fires.  A lot of people are getting cancelled. This needs to be addressed.  Answer: First, is an inquiry as to who is not getting renewed and why. Is it because their property is not cleared for fire prevention and surrounded by fire breaks? Is it too expensive for them to clear their property of fire hazards?  Perhaps the state needs to help people get their land cleared of fire hazards and have more fire breaks with Cal Fire staff, funded by a special  tax assessment on insurance companies that sell fire and hazard insurance companies to homeowners.  Assuming that Ricardo Lara, is elected to the Insurance Commissioner’s office, I will work closely with him to protect all consumers in the homeowners, renters and business hazard insurance market.  We also need to ensure that our utility companies have excellent safety protocols in place that are enforced by law .  Our healthy forests,  also, need to be managed sustainably.
  4. Question:  Please tell me about water-No more Dams.  Answer: Yes, I agree, no more dams. “Scientists, from UCLA and Oregon are saying new reservoirs will not offset the dramatically declining snowpack” 60 years of water studies finds that our region cannot be managed by building new reservoirs. https://www.kqed.org/science/1920658/study-new-reservoirs-will-not-offset-dramatically-declining-snowpack   Additionally, California has over 700 old and faulty dams that are putting people and communities at risk,  like with the Oroville Dam.  In the face of climate change, and potential of heavier superstorms when we do have rain, we must ensure that our dams are repaired.  Water infrastructure work, such as this example, are great public works jobs.
  5. Question: Do you have any ideas or proposals on solving the conflict on cattle grazing and environmentalists on public lands. Answer:  Yes, when there are natural resource conflicts, involving managing land use on public lands with questions regarding should land be a wildlife preserve or a permitted cattle grazing land, or other , the Federal and/or State Government should have more  environmental mediation and public involvement prior to a new law, and/or alternative dispute resolutions, and if needed a fair administrative hearing to find a common ground area to create a value-related intervention that could evolve to avoid a violent outcome.  Laws and policies should be clearly defined with a more coherent approach to the permitting process and ecosystem public land management.  Permits can and should be denied whenever there is overgrazing that will or has already caused severe environmental damages.  Much of the western sagebrush was lost to cattle  grazing and so there must be protected areas for wildlife and ecosystem protection.
  6. Question: How do you feel about California as a Sanctuary State?  Answer:  I am glad that we live in a state that provides sanctuary to our DACA students, and undocumented immigrants who are in the process of getting their legal status, most work, contribute to society, have rights as human beings and pay taxes.  Xenophobia is terribly unproductive and damaging and so I am glad that our state recognizes the benefits to having a fair immigration system that does not just claim that all immigrants are criminals and sends all people back to their home country.  Thats stupid and wrong.  We need a Federal Comprehensive Immigration Law, but doubtful that it will happen with the current federal elected majority officials.  State laws AB 450, SB 54 and AB 103 are the reason immigrants are not criminals ready for deportation in our state.   There is room in California to share our dreams and hopes for all people, including immigrants,  and to find ways to create laws that do not divide us in hate and turmoil.  Why does Congress today, not provide for a comprehensive Immigration law?
  7. Question: Health care: Do you support a “single-payer” health care system? Explain. Answer: Yes, because I care, I support a “single-payer” healthcare system, Healthy California Act, SB 562, and supplemental bills for statewide implementation of an equal, comprehensive, affordable, and accessible healthcare for all Californians.
  8. Question:  Housing: Do you agree with rent control? Explain. What should government do to solve the housing shortage? Answer:  Yes, I agree with rent control and would like to help repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, which limits cities ability to expand rent control.  Cities and Counties need more help with solutions for sustainable, affordable housing and to end homelessness.
  9. Question:  Gas tax: Do you support the gasoline tax and other transportation fee increases to fix roads? If not, how should the state pay for road repairs? Answer: Yes, the.12 cent gas tax, enacted last November, is a sound investment for our common good.  Our roads and bridges will be safer and less congested and may help to reduce MPG and tire replacement when roads are designed more efficiently and smoother.
  10. Question: High-speed rail: What should the state do next with the program? Answer: Yes, I support High Speed Rail and we need to be better at building this type of public transportation.  While expensive, HS rail will last 100 plus years, longer than most roads, and pay for itself over time. It’s cheaper to pay for now than later.
  11. Question: Climate: Explain what efforts, if any, the state should make to combat global warming. Answer: Yes, I will expand efforts for CA to lead and address Climate Change with more clean renewable energy, electric cars and Infrastructure, such as bike lanes, and provide legislation for more staffing of Cal fire to manage Healthy Forests and to protect life and property.
  12. Question: Tell me about your parents please.  Answer:  My father Carl M. Lytle, worked as a Grocer and Produce Manager with Big Bear for over 40 years and he was gentle, funny and smart.  My mom, Carmen J Lytle, worked for Sears and then later Homart and worked as a CA Broker.  She still sells real estate today, and is very gracious and the matriarch of our family.  My parents taught me the hardships and challenges faced by small business owners.  I understand how small business has to work extra hard  to keep up with the Wal-Marts, Home Depots, and Amazons of the world, all the while getting NONE of the tax breaks offered to businesses that don’t need them in the first place.