Climate Change

The cost of carbon pollution from fossil fuels is a warming planet causing climate changes and is the number one threat to the Global and California’s Economy.  It is bringing extreme weather from drought (more fires and water supply shortages) to heavier super-storms when it does rain that can cause mudslides, loss of farmland and infrastructure to collapse.

Of course, most Californians are rightfully worried and at times angry and disappointed, considering the current Federal Administration is attempting to remove the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement Treaty, ending all environmental protections and defunding vital programs that keep Americans safe.  In Assembly District 5, I will strive to protect ecosystems that sustain us.   I will strive to provide economic security for all through a strong healthy environment by providing quality, affordable healthcare for all; restoring our forests and wildlands, protecting our communities from wildfire by restoring natural fire regime to our forests and wildlands, ensure clean water, air and healthy soils for all, and work to provide for sustainable communities that work for everyone and environmental and community restorative justice.

I will work with local people, leaders, researchers and scientists to expand efforts to combat climate change and to bring renewable clean energy to our district.  I will provide for more recycling, building or repair of more community water systems, protection of our rivers and watershed under a CA Wild and Scenic legislation, provide clean water for all people and provide for best practices for sustainable water management working with family farms and businesses.  At times of drought, we will all have to reduce our water consumption.  This is a tough reality we do not want to face, but we did rise up and reduced our water usage, during the last drought.  Another drought is very likely again and so our best practices today should also include more public water ground banking storage of water as a top priority. We should also value our precious water, where we can, with safe lead-free infrastructure, comprehensive water testing and treatment facilities, irrigation and/or flooding as appropriate and accurate metering or data collection within water districts.

The cost of carbon globally: Political instability, floods and mudslides, wildfires, drought, storm damage, ocean acidification, infrastructure loss, climate refugees, species extinction, melting glaciers, famine, water scarcity, ecosystem loss, our way of life, infectious disease, sea level rise. We must act on climate and I intend to be a champion in helping California to lead the way.

I will strive to protect our public lands, which are more than 60% of Assembly District 5 in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, by combating Climate Change and the impacts of a warming planet, to help us adapt as much as possible and to protect what we love.   I will help to ensure our shared economy stays as strong as possible in the hospitality, arts, tourism, camping and the enjoyment of the outdoors, which is a large part of this region’s economy and a large part of our state’s economy too.

Our public lands needs the benefit of local citizens, scientists, healthy forest management and a state representative, like me, who is going to ensure this sustainability.  This district provides the water for much of the state including our largest cities such as San Francisco and our rural agriculture farms.  Instead of a state flood plan, we need a state water plan, where clean water for all is maximized and protected through best ecological practices because water is life!

Cost of Carbon

If elected, I would like to vote, on the floor of the legislature, to implement a 9.5 % oil extraction tax/fee and a carbon citizens fee and dividend, as proposed by the Citizens Climate Lobby and strong and enforceable command and control emission and pollutions regulations on the environment which directly reduces or stops pollution in our water, air and soil.  I want to give back to Californians, experiencing the impacts of climate change.  Californians would receive a tax break, rebates and / or a check, for these fees available to everyone. 

 I also want to increase the ability to purchase lower cost renewable energy at your place of residence, farm or business.  I want to increase clean vehicles and infrastructure, with cars that get much greater miles per gallon such as 55 mpg and higher, especially with sales of electric cars and other clean vehicles that provide excellent rebates and tax incentives to consumers. 

The best energy plan is energy we do not use in the first place and so I support bicycle lanes, walking communities, recycling/upcycling programs (for glass, cans and plastics) and carpool strategies to reduce carbon.   I also support energy efficiency programs.  I think the regulators should not be bought and paid for by the industries they regulate.  So, I am grateful to receive small donations from people, mostly within the district, from working families/labor and environmentally interested groups, so I can go to work for you.