Healthcare for all

The Democratic majority in the legislature have been trying to pass a law that will extend affordable health insurance for all Californians.  Special interests, who profit from the current healthcare system,  have lobbied to prevent this legislation from passing.  The legislation is Senate Bill 562, The Healthy California Act, 

With the current Presidential Administration, and Republican Congress threatening to decimate American’s earned social safety net (Medicare), the only rational response for California is to create its own Medicare for all statewide healthcare program as SB 562 attempts to do.  When elected to the Assembly, I will fight for this program so that everyone of my constituents has access to good and affordable healthcare.

In all rural nine counties of AD 5, I will work to pass  Healthy California and complementary bills that provide for staffing of Doctors, Nurses and Specialists in our rural healthcare clinics, centers and hospitals where there currently is a need of more Medical professionals and healthcare for everyone.

Our state single-payer healthcare for all system will provide good jobs and comprehensive, affordable Health Care for every Californian, (while saving society, all of us and our state money) to help keep our economy strong and preserve our stability as the 5th largest economy in the world.  To do this, California needs fully funded and second to none, Quality Public Education and training from K-12 to Higher Education, apprenticeships and college that will help prepare and ensure medical care, health education, advancing careers, new technologies, more urban and rural access to quality care, many more excellent doctors, nurses and health care professionals for all with a focus on CARE, instead of a profit only driven system as current.  All people, including babies, children, seniors, the disabled and the aging baby boomer population and everyone else and in between should have health care regardless of job status.  (Please see the movie FIX IT-on you-tube- or the Healthy California website for many details on SB 562).

For my part, I plan to help pass a single-payer system, healthcare for all.  A CA “single-payer” system would provide that all insurance companies use one system for billing that is across the industry for health care which will save business owners, society and the industry money.  Because we have a larger pool (all Californians) of payers and a single payer system for billing across the Industry, we’ll save lives and money.

There is a very large and strong business alliance of supporters from main street and corporate business owners, to real estate and family farmers and more… for a Healthy California Act!  As a small business owner, I am supportive too!  All the world’s most advanced countries take care of their people with healthcare and everyone pays and benefits too!   (Japan, England, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea,  France, Italy, Tunisia and Croatia and more…  have a state healthcare system!   Don’t believe the naysayers, California can do this too.  It’s time!

I also support in-home health care so that seniors and anyone who needs home health care, can stay in their home and receive medical care by professionals as appropriately determined by doctors and their patients private medical care and life decisions.


 Carla Jean Neal is endorsed by the California Nurses Association

Healthy California Act, Senate Bill 562