Healthy California Act, SB 562 Important Meeting

Thank you to the California Nurses Association for your Endorsement and ALL that you do for the people of California!
Single-Payer Healthcare meeting hosted by the Coarsegold Democratic Club
 You are invited! Please come to the Oakhurst Library today to hear more about the Healthy California Act S.B. 562 why 70% of Californians support establishment of a Healthy California program, a public not- for- profit health insurance system similar to Medicare, providing comprehensive universal single-payer healthcare coverage and a healthcare control cost system for the benefits of all residents of the state. Source: Tulchin Research and Polling and Strategic Consulting, California Statewide #136D Topline Results, May 25-29, 2017.
  • Most Doctors and Nurses suport a single-payer healthcare system because it will save lives.
  • Business owners support a single payer system because it takes them out of the healthcare business and frees up capital for investment and encourages entrepreneurship.
  • Individuals in the gig economy will have security and is good for business and will give California a competitive advantage.
  • Healthy CA covers everybody, is a comprehensive plan including ALL medically necessary care, including: medical, vision, dental, hearing, and reproductive care- and you choose your provider. ( no more care restrictions), and saves Money.

Dr. Bill Honigman, M.D. will lead the discussion and there is a short film called Fix-It  (see below if you cannot attend) and also meet candidates who want to represent you for Senate District 8, Tom Pratt and Carla Jean Neal, candidate for Assembly District 5 on why they each support healthcare for all Californians. Find more info on Healthy California at