Carla Jean Neal vs Frank Bigelow on the Issues     

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Three Most Important Issues

What am I running for?  You!  

I believe that three of the most important issues we face are:

  1. Making sure that everyone has access to a first class public education, regardless of social or financial circumstance/situation;
  2. Restructuring the economy for benefit of working families so there will be good paying jobs for everyone and making sure that our kids won’t have to “move away” to prosper economically;
  3. Reforming politics by getting big money out and cleaning up gridlock and corruption.

I will listen to you.  I will work with you to build upon our shared values, values that have made America the world leader that it has been in our common dreams and prosperity.  We will work together to foster peace and make all people’s lives better by: 

  • providing quality, affordable healthcare for all;
  • building a strong, shared local economy;
  • ensuring that our environment is strong and healthy;
  • restoring our forests and wildlands;
  • protecting our communities from wildfire by restoring a natural fire regime to our forests and wildlands;
  • ensuring clean water and air for all;
  • working together to build vibrant, sustainable communities that will work for all;
  • providing for the disadvantaged, including the disabled, seniors, and the unemployed or underemployed, and the homeless;
  • providing strong protections for civil and human rights; Constitution and bill of rights of the people with justice, progress and compassion
  • working together to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of tax
  • working to bring sustainable and affordable housing so our children can afford to live and work in our region and the homeless are also able to find a home and community services for health and jobs.

Lastly, but not least, I will strive to protect our public lands, which are more than 60% of Assembly District 5 in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, by combating Climate Change so that tourism, camping and the enjoyment of the outdoors, which is a large part of our state’s economy, stays strong as possible.

Our public land needs the benefit of scientists and healthy forest ecosystems and a representative who is going to ensure sustainability. This district provides the water for much of the state, including our largest cities, such as San Francisco, and also for our farms and ranches.

I believe there is no freedom when only the few prosper!

Let’s work together for a better California!

Vote Carla J Neal June 5th & November 6th