Thank you Ann & Byron for your support at the Opera House in Sonora!

Candidate Night at the Sonora Opera House with the Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee.

Thank you to Ann Leonard (retired administrative educator) and Byron Rudholm (my hiking buddy- and sign guy) for being surrogates on my behalf at the Democratic Candidates Fair.  Since I teach at Fresno City College, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I could not be present because of my commitment to my students and my work at that particular time.  I am so honored to have these two local people speak on my behalf and let people know about my candidacy.  Byron sent me this picture and said Ann did a great job speaking for me.   I care and am running to make people’s lives better in our district.  Hope to See you another time and hopefully many other times into the many months and years ahead.  I have enjoyed many past events in the area with the March for Science,  March for Our Lives and the Environmental People’s Network Events and central committee and club meetings.   It takes many good people working together to make our Democracy work.