Thank you for your Votes and your support!

Dear Assembly District 5 voters, friends and supporters,

Thank you for the over 66,419 votes ( 40% of the vote) to this day ( for updates see ( , that have been counted in my favor, thanks to you, so, that we could possibly work together to have nice things in our district such as a publically funded-single payer healthcare system for every Californian, safe roadway and bridge infrastructure, a cleaner energy economy in the face of climate change and good jobs, such as much more needed CA Fire and good jobs from unions, the public and private sectors and of course world-class education and rural broadband as just a few of my main platform goals.

Unfortunately, I am not winning this seat, this election, but the blue wave has flipped many seats.  We have won many races in our rural areas of which I am so proud and  issues where we did win.  I am overjoyed and happy to see so much progress.

Congratulations, to Frank Bigelow and I hope that he will do more by the people and stop taking money from groups like the NRA, tobacco and polluting companies who just want government to look the other way and privatize our resources, so they can do whatever they want to our communities, while we the people bear all risk and costs with poverty, gun violence, homelessness,  a gig economy of low paying jobs, expensive housing, fire risks, inequality of wages, air pollution, extreme drought and fires, xenophobia, racism, austerity of budget cuts to schools or programs in rural areas where the GOP remains in majorities and and all the wealth going to the top 2% instead of the many of us.  When will wealth be for the many and not the few elite billionaires?  

I continue to be a voice for people , for economic, social and environmental justice.  I am so happy to have met many of you and to have run for you and with your blessing and support.    I believe at this time, I will run again in 2020 for this seat, as I have learned much and believe we will win this District if we keep trying. 

I will be reflecting on where improvements can be made and I will be reaching out to you and the many wonderful communities of our district.  Please do not give up hope on Democracy as I think together, we saved it, and have strengthened our state as a bulwark of checks and balances so needed.  We must keep going and so everyday I am with you and fighting for peace and a good life for each of us.   Onward to victory and in love, in life as we carry on.

Very Truly Yours,

Carla J Neal

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