There are steps we can take to act on Climate Change!

Reducing our Carbon Pollution footprint

Even as we may feel sad at loss of life, property and lands we love, helpless at times with the loss of our firefighting heros, grateful that our civil service folks are trying to help, discouraged and physically overwhelmed by toxic air or whatever we may feel is okay!  Not only do we need science, we need our hearts and minds fully engaged.

I want you to know that there things we can do now, as we push through our fears, in the face of climate change, as we make it through crisis times together and press on.  The next decade is important on Climate Change in California and everywhere on earth.  One main reason I am running is so that I can help with effective legislation to reduce our carbon pollution outputs that at current levels are warming our earth with higher temperatures night and day worldwide.

Personally, many of us have a chance everday to make a positive difference and many of us have done so….This is a reminder that we are not helpless….information is from a study in Sweden.

A “hothouse earth” is not our destiny when we work together to make things better as individuals, and groups of mosques & churches, businesses, schools and our local, state and federal government works for all.  “To prevent a hothouse Earth, they say, we need “a coordinated, deliberate effort by human societies to manage our relationship with the rest of the Earth System.”

We can do this together and California can help lead the way with everyone of us, our votes, our actions, our caring for each other.  We must do this before the interests of the oil industry,  polluting corporations, and their lobbyists who buy career politicians, then let us down by doing nothing to act on climate to help the situation.

Hope and Love are stronger than fear….and we shall overcome.  Progress is on the ballot and in our everyday steps.  Let’s go!

Legislatively, if elected, I will work to set higher emissions standards for automobiles and other sources.  I will work to reduce air pollution emissions and to set guidelines to systematically reduce fossil fuel usage to address climate change and bring down carbon emissions in the atmosphere to safe levels by banning fracking (including current wells), placing a moratorium on offshore drilling,  and adding no additional pipelines.  We need to make sure train cars and railways carrying fossil fuels and other hazardous fuels/gases and chemicals that come into and out of our state are regulated for safety and/or banned in every community, city, county and area in California.  I  will work to keep renewable energy in our CA grid and for export to other states.  I will work for environmental and climate justice for all.  I will listen to you.

I drive an Hybrid electric car and get over 62 mile per gallon on average as I drive throughout assembly district 5.  It took me 8 years, but I have solar panels on my home.  As your assemblywoman, I will want to encourage and incentivize more electric vehicles, rebates, grants, incentives for solar and wind technologies as well as clean technologies to reduce air, water and soil pollution, including criteria pollutants, volatile  organic compounds (VOCS), particulate matter 2.5 & 10 and ozone and carbon pollutants including methane.

I want to help California lead in the legislature in the Paris Climate Treaty of 2015, of which California is in agreement.  As a climate reality leader, I hope to really help make a difference for all the people in California, the United States and on the planet towards a sustainable future for our children.  REcently, I am very impressed with a solar/wind project at Hoover Dam where energy storage is possible using renewables to help us meet peak demand on our grid.  I think adding renewables to our current dam infrastructure and dredging out dams for more storage in addition to dam safety is very promising.  Please see the article on Hoover Dam.

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