Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Women are 51% of the population, yet in the United States, women hold only 19% of elected positions in local, state and federal office.  It’s time to get involved, to share a more equitable future for our daughters.

I support women candidates and women’s rights in particular.   I join many women and our daughters (and men and our sons who support women’s rights)  in the necessary fight for these core issues:

  • Passage of the Federal Equal Rights Amendment
  • Unrestricted Reproductive Choice (and right to privacy).  I am strongly Pro-Choice on a woman’s moral right to decide as she chooses what to do with her own body and life;  if decided necessary,  a safe abortion, with medical doctors, as allowed under the law Roe v. Wade.
  • Access to Quality and Affordable Childcare and Public Education (PreK-12  & beyond) as a human right
  • Comparable Pay for Work of Comparable Worth = Equal Pay,  CA Paid Family Leave
  • Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Violence against Women
  • Ending discrimination based on age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, marital or socioeconomic status and disability.
  • I support Healthcare (affordable care, access and comprehensive coverage for all as core human right).
  • I also support the right to marry, who you love, regardless of sexual orientation.
March for Women, Fresno, CA 2018

I have enjoyed participating in the Women’s Marches the last few years.

I support Eleanor Roosevelt’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all people.  http://www.humanrights.com/voices-for-human-rights/eleanor-roosevelt.html